"It's necessary that families of our time come back to fly higher. It's necessary that they follow Christ" (John Paul II)

HOGARES NUEVOS-OBRA DE CRISTO, it started on 24 th October 1982 by initiative of the priest Ricardo E. Facci, missionary priest of the family, as an answer to the Holy Father, "you must love our family in a special way" (FC 86). HOGARES NUEVOS-OBRA DE CRISTO, it takes its name for its christian spirituality. Christ is the author, the maker and the centre of this work, he makes ane look new as he does with every thing. He makes new homes, whether they be homes or communities of consecrated people or priests who are true families in which in each church we live with the presence of Christ in the midst of us (cfr.Mt. 18, 20). Our charism is spiritual with a deep love for the family and with all the gifts of humility and joy. HOGARES NUEVOS-OBRA DE CRISTO, it joins the existant branches like the "HOGARES NUEVOS" Movement, "HIJOS DE HOGARES NUEVOS" Movement, and the areas "CONSAGRADAS MISIONERAS DE LA FAMILIA" and "SACERDOTES MISIONEROS DE LA FAMILIA".

What's this? · It is a movement of the church to serve married couples. · It creates communities to help themselves and church integration, to emerge as a climate that helps marriages to grow. · It emerged as an answer to "Familiaris Consortio", accepting the order of the Holy Father. "You must love our family in a special way" (FC 86). · It helps the couple to find and live the calling and own missions. For what? · To motivate, help and accompany the christian marriages and to live the own joy, working, to obtain a consecrated family. How? Motivate: - Personal invitations. - Meetings called "come and see" - Testimony of the community Help: - Through a closed meeting, of a day and a half's work, it offers itself marriages, the necessaries elements to find the wonders there are in them. - With a specific methodology to get the following objects: - To meet oneself. - To discover and meet with married couples. - The family as a domestic church. - Marriages and families should be a community to maintain a permanent dialogue with God. - That communities should start with a climate of friendship and confidence. - After forty days another journey of evaluation, affirmation and a study in depth. Accompany: - "CARTILLA" printed that each couples will recive month by reflect upon: - couple - group - community - "Encuentro para Encuentro", with the object to form leading and entertaining couples. - Encounters among families. - Assemblies, retirements and meetings in general. Movement "HIJOS DE HOGARES NUEVOS" The joining of the sons the marriages movement of Hogares Nuevos, through a series of meetings and a concrete following. "I'm a son", "I'll make a family", and "I'll meet with Christ". Meetings: · CRECER: since8 to 10 years. · DESPERTAR: since11 to 12 years. · COMPARTIR: since13 to 14 years. · DECIDIR: since15 to 16 years. · VIVIR: since17 to 25 years. · Folders with information books according to each age group. "CONSAGRADAS MISIONERAS DE LA FAMILIA" Consecrated lady preachers in Family Pastoral live in community and make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and a fourth vow of love por the family. "SACERDOTES MISIONEROS DE LA FAMILIA" Priests dedicated exclusively to the work of evangelization of the family. Evangelising committees live and make vows and undertake to promete the values of love and life. FORMATION SERVICES · "CRECIENDO JUNTOS", fortnighly magazine for the family the agents of "Family Pastoral". · Course of "Family Pastoral" at a distance. · Books, videos and cassettes. "Family, with Christ you can!, go ahead to a portion of happiness in this unhappy society, truly advance to be a piece of heaven in this world" (P. Ricardo Facci smf)